ARCVets TPLO Fundraiser

ARCVets TPLO fundraiser for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

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Veterinary medicine is a rewarding but demanding profession with a myriad of occupational stressors that can impact the mental health of its workers. This is evidenced by the fact that veterinarians are much more likely to die by suicide than the general population (3.5x in the US, 4 x in Australia) in part due to issues like depression, anxiety and burnout. The mental heath of veterinary professionals needs attention. ARC Vets wants to help.

TPLOs are one of our most commonly performed procedures and as such has been selected at the vehicle to raise funds. From September 20th through to November 30th 2023, ARC Vets will donate $50 from TPLOs performed as part of this fundraiser to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. In order to maximise our contribution, we will also provide an additional incentive to clients by offering a discounted fixed price TPLO package of $5950.

This package will include:
• The TPLO surgical procedure performed by a specialist in small animal surgery
• Basic pre-anaesthetic blood testing (PCV, TP, radiometer)
• Anaesthesia & monitoring
• Overnight post-operative hospitalisation with 24/7 veterinarian care
• Standard discharge (pain relief) medications
• Initial rehabilitation consultation
• Suture removal/14 day recheck

An initial specialist consultation that costs $285 will be required to ensure the patient has uncomplicated cruciate disease and meets the criteria for the package (see below). Recheck radiographs are not included in this package.

Optional extras include:
• Comprehensive pre-anaesthetic blood testing (CBC, biochemistry)
• 6 or 8 session rehabilitation package

Terms & conditions
Patients must be referred by their regular veterinarian. Prices valid for dogs weighing between 10 and 40kg; costs will vary for dogs outside of this weight range. The package may be subject to change, but no procedures will be performed without a signed consent form. Package inclusions may differ from hospital to hospital; please contact ARCVets for more details. The consulting surgeon will advise whether or not a TPLO is appropriate after the initial consult. A 50% deposit is required on admission for the TPLO procedure with the balance payable on discharge. Donations will be tracked through the number of package redemptions before 30/11/23. Availability of the package is subject to clinical capacity.